Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Posted on, 26, July 2017 at 05:44 pm
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At Zenerom, we can assist our clients with their enterprise mobility needs. We are solving complex business problems of our clients by using effective and result in oriented mobility solutions, which not only solve the business problem but it can give a competitive advantage over the competition. Based on client’s requirement we suggest building Native Mobile App or Hybrid Mobile App development.

Cross Platform & Hybrid mobile apps for iOS, iPhone, and Android. If you believe mobile applications are only for big shots like Walmart and Amazon then you are wrong. The number of Small scales and Medium scale business making customised mobile application for had increased drastically in these years. The biggest benefit of Mobile application is your presence is felt always. Studies show that an average educated man spends 2 hours on their phone every day. Our unconscious mind reads everything that comes in front of us, thus your present is always felt. The number of people using the Mobile phone is much higher than that of people using a computer. Thus the making a Mobile application is not waste of time nor money. Being one of the pioneers in Mobile App Development we would like to share the benefits of a mobile application developed for iOS or Android by iOS Developer, Android Developer respectively.

We built apps in iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Node.js. We utilize Agile Methodology while developing mobile apps, we provide an iterative workable solution which client can start using right away.

Our mobile apps developers for Android and iPhone apps are well versed with latest tools and technology like Objective C, SWIFT, XCode, iBeacon, Android Studio, BLE Peripheral, Java, SQL Lite, Firebase, OCR, Ionic and AdMob Integrations

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