Steps for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Steps for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Posted on, 21, May 2018 at 10:26 am

Email Marketing is used to boost  your business through email marketing where you can approach   customers with single click .You can use different way to send email.Email marketing is the best and effectual way of communication. It allow you to monitor result of  email campaigns.sender and receiver can communicate with each other. You can go through different way to use email marketing like use of software to sync all email together.Send one email to thousand of customer  on real time, check the success rate The benefit of email marketing its lower cost compared to main marketing channel.There are no fee paid in exchange for exposure on magazine channel.Another key benefit of email marketing is that it’s easy to see where you are  going wrong.

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Email marketing doesn’t require huge team. It’s possible to Jazz up an email campaigns, with video ,image, templates,video logo,Some of the most successful campaigns  to utilize successful plain text.If you doing  a business, then we  should consider running email marketing campaigns, and the recent trends.Before that, here are the most crucial steps that need to be followed to make the most of your email marketing strategy.

Check out the 10 must-follow steps and dive into its details before you set up your next email campaign

1.Email Lists: Build organic lists

Organic list building is an main  part of running an email marketing campaign. Borrow, purchase the  lists do not work as they may be fake and have chances of ending up in the spam folder or ignored, deleted. Organic lists give better open rates and click-through rates. The subscribers in the organic list are more likely to open and view your emails and give you leads that actually reach the target.For any business to achieve the desire success with email marketing, you need to do it right. It should starts with a good email list, any campaign, no matter how good it is, cannot  be successful if you don’t have a sorted and clean list. Email list building and growth should be every email marketer top prior

Ways in which we  can collect email addresses to build a list


Landing Pages

Contest and Giveaways

Social Ads

The simplest,and ideal way to drive opt-ins on  website is through the use of opt-in forms on your website.

2.List Segmentation: Create relevant segments

Before sending your emails, you need to segment your email list. Study then  subscribers psychographics, location, interests etc. helps you in systematically  grouping them into relevant segments. When the target audience is defined properly, you will be able to create and send content that is relevant and induce better engagement.

Email Segmentation Strategies for E-commerce to Boost Sales

As an email marketer,  must be striving to gain the most out of email campaigns. With design and content, you try to get your subscribers and customers to read and engage with the emails you send. An e-commerce business has customers and subscribers with  interests, and behavior.

3.Email Subject Line: Write intriguing subject lines

The most element of  email campaign is the subject line of the email. Email users   open the email based on just the subject line. If the subject line of your email is weak, then your email could be filtered as junk mail or never be opened at all by the users. Use catchy phrases  in the subject lines but maintain the character limit to avoid the spam trap.Here could be several one, you may have never subscribe to those emails, high frequency of emails, and so on. But among these, subject line is the most influencing element that can affect the open rates of an email campaign.

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4.Email Design and Layout: Use the right design elements

The  images, colors,  template pattern,other design elements of an email , grabs the attention of a subscriber. It  prominent and strong action using both text and simple graphics to induce engagement. Highlight the most important part of the copy using design elements to drive the focus of the subscribers.

5. Content and Copy: Create personalized and targeted content

Test and Track  different combination of design and copy of your email and determine what work.The elements that you need to test and refine are the subject lines, font sizes, colors, the call-to-action used in the email. Try multiple combinations and test  across devices and email clients before hitting the send button

A/B testing your email campaign

A/B testing is primarily pitch an email campaign ,with another  version of the same email campaign by making changes to only one element. One version is sent to a set of subscribers and the other to another set of subscribers. In  A/B testing email campaigns lies in the fact that there isn’t a radical change happen in the email by changing a single element. there can be a tremendous change in the response rate of the campaigns.

6. Landing Pages: Team up your emails with right landing pages

Landing pages are part of your email marketing campaign. It is the gateway where your email conversions has been carried out. We need to pair up  emails with well-designed,landing pages that the users to sign-up a form, download content, register or buy a product or service. Well built landing pages help in boosting conversions and sales.

7.Email Testing: Test rigorously before sending emails

Track and test different combinations of design and copy of your email an determine what works best. The elements that need to test and refine are the subject lines, font sizes, formatting, style,colors, content and the call-to-action used in the email. Try multiple combinations and test thoroughly across devices .

8.Email Automation: Plan automated emails for your campaign

For  the communication of your brand offering and promotion, you need to set up an automated campaign that sends a series of emails  your subscribers to know your brand better and become customers. The automated emails can be in the form of onboarding emails, promotional emails, and transactional or behavioral emails.

9.Unsubscribe/Set Preferences: Make the unsubscribe option evident

You need to give your subscribers enough space to engage with your brand. Give them options to set preferences and engage with your brand on other mediums such as blog, socials, etc. Also, make the unsubscribe button, to let them opt out of your emails whenever they want. Providing an easy option to unsubscribe from your communication is mandatory, governing the CAN-SPAM act and GDPR.

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10.Email Tracking: Track and measure performance metrics

Before sending the email, it is necessary to set up a proper track to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign. The metrics you need to monitor include open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate,email deliverability,  unsubscribe rate, etc. Keep track your email performance and make necessary modification in your campaign according to the metrics.we are looking through SEO Services Company in Pasadena , SEM Services in Pearland






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