Video SEO Tool YouTube Video Best Practices

Video SEO Tool YouTube Video Best Practices

Posted on, 17, April 2018 at 05:37 am

Now a days we are  focus on videos is expected to rule the trends of digital marketing in 2018.Video SEO helps to improve rankings and visibility of videos  and other search engines.Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great places to get on your video content.The benefits of video marketing, your videos must be optimized for search.  


The  optimization of the video on factors given below are important from Google’s perspective:

Relevancy,Keywords,Backlinks,On-page optimization,Domain Authority

Quality video content focusing on relevancy, engagement and entertainment gets better ranking on YouTube. Factors to be considered are:

Watch time,Bounce rate,Likes, views and shares,Embeds,Relevancy

Top  Video SEO Tools 2018

Google and YouTube video SEO best practices should start with searching for the right keywords. Target the keywords through the video content


serpstat is a keyword research and backlink analysis tool suitable for YouTube video SEO. The free version of the tool provides information for up to 30 queries, tracks the position and audits the performance. The paid one  where you can access up to 300 queries per day and 100 results per report and many more.

Serpstat helps to

Research keywords both long-tail and short-tail;

Fixing scientific errors Optimize both SEO and PPC campaign

Track backlinks and  conduct backlink analysis

Google Explore

Google Explore is used for keyword research. It helps to get a better understanding of keyword and hashtag research.

Google Explore helps to-

Get all content related to the base keyword you asked for

Look for high-traffic hashtags- related concepts hashtags, hot trending hashtags, local hashtags, event hashtags, holiday hashtags and brand hashtags

Get keyword suggestions


Tools for Video Optimization

Video optimization focusing on improving user experience. Here we can able to  reduce video buffering time and network bandwidth consumption


It is a great Video SEO tool to get loyal audiences for your videos. The paid tool allows for better keyword insights.

VidIQ helps to-

Get 10x times relevant tags in less than 10 minutes

Find and use the right keyword for your video,

Get the keyword score- search volume and its competition

Know hot and hard to rank keywords; competition on hot keywords is low, so you can analyse whether to target them or not

Manage the YouTube videos on VidIQ’s dashboard

Track social conversations about your brand and videos

Get details of Twitter and Facebook mentions and a competitive analysis of the posts

Maximize organic reach of the video

Tube Buddy

TubeBuddy is one of the brilliant YouTube video SEO tools to manage your YouTube channel. It can be added as a Chrome extension to your browser. Use it for video optimization, promotion and analysis. There is no need to leave the YouTube platform to use the tool.

Tube Buddy helps to

These video optimization tools are important for  the successful video SEO. They can help increase the traffic of your channel.

Tools for Video Promotion

Video promotion is mandatory for Video SEO practices for Google and YouTube as it is the  effective way of attracting customers to your channel.


DrumUp is a great YouTube video SEO tool for video promotion. It is an application fit for searching  the right content. It also helps in manage social media management.

DrumUp helps to-

Schedule the video posts for social media

Target different audiences across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Show a preview of video posts

Authenticate your social media platforms

Creating a video is  enough, you promote it over different platforms and gain more traffic and views.

YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator

YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator is a  video SEO tool for promotion of videos. It generates  embedded code of the videos.

It helps to-

Include social media sharing links of Facebook and Pinterest on the video

Monitor the controls of the viewers

Tools for Video Analysis


Fourth level of Video SEO best practices include analysing the performance of your videos and your channel.


It offers one single dashboard to show all the data related to social media, clients, marketing, finance, sales, IT, etc.

Cyfe helps to-

Track the video performance by reviewing YouTube stats and then analyzing it

Get the details of views, likes, shares, engagement, traffic sources, bounce rate, etc.

Track the mentions of your brand on social media

Deliver report to the clients

It’s customized dashboard also helps to conduct YouTube keyword research and find search results of different social media channels. This provides you the right path to choose the content of your video.The  use for video SEO, you can enjoy more visible video search results and drive more organic traffic leads to your video content are looking through Social Media Optimization Sugar Land , SEO Services Company in Stafford

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