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What is Android App Development Service?

Nowadays, all businesses require an innovative android app to increase its reach, popularity and productivity rate. Besides, it is very budget-friendly for all types of enterprises and helps to enhance the all-around ROI of a business. But how are these android apps built? Android app development service is the procedure of creating applications for mobile devices which run the android operating system. Also, it is built as a mixture of elements that can be conjured separately. These apps are written using C++, Java, Kotlin languages with the Android Development Kit. This kit encompasses an extensive set of development tools like debugger, libraries, sample code and more. In addition, developers also use text editors and command line tools to design, develop and debug android applications and control related android devices.

However, this entire process requires proper planning and research. At Zenerom, our Android development services are proficient enough to develop feature rich, innovative and high functioning applications that match with your needs and requirements. We have experience in developing numerous Android apps for different fields including business, media, technology and more.

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Our End-to-End Android development Services

At Zenerom, we have a dedicated team for android application development to transform your dreams into reality. We have a history of helping our customers in formulating and implementing their mobility strategy that aligns with their business goals. Our developer team provides end-to-end android development services to target audience radars to boost the engagement and conversion rates. This includes programming, UX/UI designing, testing, modernization, optimization, and much more. We also propose post-launch maintenance and support to ensure the working of your apps.

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Android Consulting

At Zenerom, we deliver android consulting services to help companies enhance its overall efficiency with business-level android application development. Our professional consultants can help businesses expand by providing innovation with the right outcomes. We provide top-notch digital outputs for every outlet and emphasis on reconstructing your company’s market using mobile platforms. Our team can also research and enforce modifications to your existing mobile app to match with its target audience.

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Android App UX/UI Design

Our team of professional designers are proficient in the field of android app UX/UI design development services. We use the latest technologies, configurations and other development units to provide enlarged efficiency to your android apps. Initially, our designers assimilate your business model and target audience to formulate the perfect UI/UX designs for your android apps. Thus, they can provide a reliable and attractive user interface. Our UI/UX designs are pertinent to the requirements of our clients. In addition, our mobile interface design will enable end-users to connect with your applications without any hassle.
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Custom Android App Development

Our team of expert android developers help companies by creating efficient and reliable custom android applications for targeting audience and enhancing business. At Zenerom, our android development services team ensure that your app is fully efficient to take you ahead of your competitors. Our custom-tailored android applications can deliver you huge benefits like easy integration, multi-platform exposure and much more. Most importantly, we never skip any piece of component to provide you both flexible and vibrant android applications solvents and surpass your expectations.

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Android App Test Automation

Our android app development company have designed an outstanding app automation framework to perform on various devices with different platform arrangements. Our professional development team will test your android apps to confirm that it delivers a great user experience with an affluent capacity. It mechanically files and reports minute testing results such as device orientation, network traffic, location, memory, storage and CPU. Zenerom also perform security testing and cross functional testing to ensure the efficiency of your apps

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Android App Modernization

Over app development and other services, we also deliver app modernization services to stimulate the efficiency and user retention of your application. Our android app development company provide a wide range of modernization strategies for your application. We can execute a clear analysis and improvise a favorable strategy to give a compatible enforcement of app modernization. Our team exclusively contemplates your bequest application code and minimum requirements to deliver factual direction on the modifications that can emanate utmost value.

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App Support,Maintenance & Optimization

At Zenerom, we deliver crucial and refined support and maintenance for applications of varied bases and objectives. Our prescient application support can stave off serious dilemmas and detect early ensuing situations. We ensure that your applications are apposite to your prevailing business requirements. We also deliver personalised app maintenance services that fulfill all your mobility requirements and update safety tools to prevent security breaches. In addition, we help apps upgrade their search rankings with a set of optimization service units to support you to compile your unique strategies.
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The potential Technology Stack Behind Our Android development Services

A technology stack is necessary for the development of any android application. It is technically a bunch of tools used for the designing and development of a mobile app. This encompasses everything from UX/UI tools, programming languages, platforms, software and much more.

 So, now let’s talk about the technology stack we use for the Android app development at Zenerom. We employ a mixture of programming languages, frameworks, tools, UX/UI, and other technologies that are needed for the development of an efficient android app. This can be classified into frontend, back-end, development and supporting components. For the development of android applications, we mainly use three main programming languages i.e. Java, C++ and Kotlin. Our experienced android app development team are well-versed in these languages

 We use toolkits that are necessary for your android app development like Android Studio and Android SDK Tools. Also, with these tools it is possible to modify and enhance outdated applications pretty smoothly. In addition, we use many different crash analytics tools to deduce and overhaul any troubles of apps in a quick and functional way. Our team also delivers services related to app integration with different platforms like social media and payment outlets.

 These are the tools we employ while developing incredible Android mobile apps for our customers.


Some features for Android App Development Services are as follows:

  1. App Design: The service ought to have a dedicated group of app designers who are capable of developing user-friendly and visually appealing app designs.
  2. Development of Apps for All Platforms: Cross-platform app development, which enables an app to be developed once and distributed across multiple platforms like Android and iOS, should be a specialty of the service.
  3. Integration with services from outside parties: Integration of the app with third-party services like payment gateways, social media platforms, and analytics tools should be possible with the service.
  4. Testing and Assurance of Quality: The service ought to have a dedicated group of testers and quality assurance professionals who are capable of carrying out stringent testing to guarantee that the app does not contain any flaws or errors.
  5. Optimization for the App Store: The Android Application Advancement Administration ought to offer Application Store Enhancement benefits that work on the application’s perceivability and positioning on the Google Play Store, expanding its possibilities of downloads and income.

We use various technologies and frameworks for Android app development, such as Java, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, and Android Studio.

The complexity of the app, its features and functions, and the method used to develop it all influence how long it takes to create an Android app. The estimated development time of an Android app is as follows:

  1. Applications for the middle class: Apps like fitness apps, social networking apps, and photo editing apps can take anywhere from two to four months to develop.
  2. Complex Software: The development of complex apps with advanced features, such as gaming, e-commerce, and healthcare apps, can take anywhere from four to eight months or more.

It is essential to keep in mind that these estimates are only rough estimates and are subject to change based on a variety of factors, including the app’s specific requirements, the size of the development team, and other aspects.

             Yes, it is possible. Actually, we really recommend this idea as it constantly improves features of your app. Our app development team can help you with the modification as per your requirements.