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          Codeigniter is a widely used PHP based web application framework which is adequate for building high-quality web applications. This platform encompasses a great interactive interface with a bundle of simple tools. It provides avant-garde libraries for connecting to the database and embarking on different operations. We use this rich framework to develop remarkable web applications within a short time period. Also, we ensure that these applications are created by employing the best coding standards and are enriched with the strong aspects of the Codeigniter framework. Because, we believe in providing bespoke solutions that are suited to the special requirements of our clients.

Website Development

         Codeigniter is clearly one of the most popular development frameworks when it comes to open-source solutions. It is a PHP framework that is adequate for developing top-quality myriad websites. Thus, it is regarded as the deluxe choice for many businesses and entrepreneurs. They wield it to create their web solutions. Additional accentuates like clarity, flexibility, and safety make Codeigniter a distinguished option.We have a qualified team who drudge in developing robust and vibrant custom websites using the dominant features of the framework. We ensure that every website we formulate fulfills our client's requirements and brings great outcomes for them. 

What is Codeigniter Development ?

A business can prosper in sufficient ways with advanced online services that stimulate customer engagement. Therefore, establishing the right website and applications is crucial to make a great composure online. Codeigniter is used to develop diverse websites and web applications. It is an independent, open-source and object-oriented PHP framework that is regarded as one of the best and the most abrupt development framework software. It delivers an in-built library with numerous PHP applications that simplify the procedure of complex coding. Our qualified CodeIgniter developers build up modules that can match with your business requirements and use steady code and assure optimization for adequate and abrupt services. 

Codeigniter also works by using the Model-View-Controller software strategy. It offers outstanding performance and promotes simple solutions and detailed documentation. This framework is also compatible with third-party applications and frameworks. One of it’s biggest advantages is that it’s a cost-effective and hassle-free framework to build applications. Also, It delivers an instinctive and easy user interface and reasonable configuration to access these libraries. We deliver 24/7 support and assist you to manage your website with our technical service to ensure web applications are up and running bug free and handily.

Codeigniter Web Development Offerings

  • Custom Codeigniter Web Applications

    Our expert team of CodeIgniter developers has the insight of renovating the ideas into productive reality by creating custom web applications according to the client’s business requirements.

  • Codeigniter Portal Development

    Our talented team of CodeIgniter developers has the acuity of developing professional portals that can induce increased revenue in the client’s business.

  • Codeigniter Web CMS Development

    Our qualified CodeIngniter developers can assist in anticipating professional CodeIgniter based custom CMS as per the requirements and functionalities of our client’s business.  

  • Corporate Applications Development

    Our professionalsional CodeIgniter developers help in creating reliable, scalable and feature-rich applications according to the client’s business-related requirements in outstanding ways. 

  • Third Party Integration Services

    We can assist in procuring integration services like payment gateway services, analytics and much more into your existing web applications with the help of different APIs.

  • Back-End for Mobile Apps

    Our proficient developers with outstanding web designing and skill sets can assist you with productive backend development for all your mobile apps through CodeIgniter.

  • Create e-Commerce Websites

    We can help in creating well-functioning dynamic e-commerce solutions with CodeIgniter framework to managements and clients across the globe.

  • website Maintenance & Up- gradation

    Our maintenance and support team extend 24/7 services and help unravel all your post-development issues. We will ensure that your website and apps run seamlessly.


Key Benefits of Codeigniter Web Development

          There are a number of open source platforms available today that help to formulate exceptional websites. However, if you are inclined to contemplate web applications with avant-garde choices, then go for Codeigniter. It is one of the profitable PHP frameworks that facilitates smooth website development. The prime goal of Codelgniter is to develop projects much more timelier and helps one to significantly focus on the project by curtailing the number of code required for a provided task.  

           Codeigniter has many confounded functionalities. It delivers a simple user interface that helps in disclosing any bugs that are deterring the smooth functioning of the website or applications. It also has the ability to uplift the ranking of the website. This platform extends numerous features that help in the optimization of the website without implicating the layout or other significant components of the website. Moreover, it is the only platform that facilitates test-driven development. So, the enactment or the functionality of the website can be evaluated with solace. We, at Zenerom, offer a divulged CodeIgniter web development services with a history of a vast number of successful undertakings for clients across diverse businesses.


        Codeigniter is a PHP based web application framework that is convenient for establishing high-quality web applications and websites. This platform proposes a highly interactive interface with a set of simple tools.

           You can load the model in the autoload file and in the controller. However, It’s better to load models in autoload than controller.

           In Codeigniter there is a communal connection between a URL string and its affiliated controller method. The segments in a URI commonly follow the pattern: Similarly, the routing rules are defined in your application/config/routes.php file.

There are different types of hook points that are outfitted by the codeigniter hook system. They are:
Pre system
Pre controller
Pre controller constructor
Post controller
Display override
Cache override
Post system