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Magento Web Development

            Magento is an e-commerce platform that provides online entrepreneurs a flexible shopping cart framework, content and efficiency of the online store. Magento development services can take your e-commerce to the next advanced level. It is an open-source framework that is capable of adapting and has the potential to be diversified to match the requirements of e store proprietors. Thus, this scalable platform has a great instinctive management interface that makes merchandising quite easy. It also proposed accessibility and integration with numerous applications. It's flexibility enables users to merge third party tools and yield further competitive functionality of the e-commerce stores. This platform also delivers several custom choices and enable the brand and identity of the foundation to be illustrated on the website. Also, catalog browsing and catalog management are exceptionally simple with this platform.

At Zenerom, we offer you an advanced assistance within a highly intricate, custom e-commerce website. Our team of  web developers can provide you a robust and instinctive e-commerce platform where one can have more control over their business activities.


Our Magento Web Development Services

Custom Magento

As an online retailer, you must have a website that is both outstanding and beneficial in every way.also we are proposed accessibility with the numerous applications. At Zenerom, our team will ensure that your Magento website is incredible for both in you and your buyer



Theme magento

Our Magento developer team will assist you, with developing a theme that’s entirely suited for your products, customers, objectives, and extra branding. The themes we providing you , well optimized for Magento performance and great user experience.



Extension Magento

Our Magento developer team can help you with extension for your personal ecommerce store. We can also assist you in developing a custom Magento extension to facilitate your SAAS services with a bug free coding as per the Magento standards.

Customized Magento

The Magento customization experts of our company has a profession of skills in works for establishing, providing,engaging and fully optimized online shopping experiences.and also we focus on propelling utmost revenue and engaging the customer

Website Magento

Our team of expert Magento developers with sufficient experience and skill can manage in Magento website,and along with the functional upgrades. We can also scrutinize the potential of Magento to offer you several benefits in 3rd party integrations


Support & Maintenance

At Zenerom, we provide a 24/7 support and maintenance services to our customers,also ensure that the magneto website is incredibly useful with you and buyers precisely to those with integrated Magento settings. We are here to help you out in the best way possible.


Magento Multi-Store and Your SEO Campaign

               SEO is the main prerogative for any entrepreneurs who are looking to reap a decent profit and to run a prosperous e-store. However, the store must be organised and simple to navigate. Everything has to be in order, easy to locate and categorised. But, if you are having a vast and distinct range of commodities, this can get confusing . So, you have to limit this to four to six categories. Correspondingly, in the case of Magento templates with horizontal navigation, it is impossible to have more than 6 top level categories. As it is always difficult to determine the right location to add products, it can make you put them in more categories. This will produce duplicate content.

It proposes a Multi-Store solution. It allocates your commodity into a number of stores, all regulated from one rear. This can simplify the category barrier and split the number of categories on each site. As a result this will remove the turmoil and lack of focus. In this manner you can target the keywords and phrases suitably for each store and control all activities from stock management to delivery. This will help customer navigation and stimulate SEO scores.

Benefits Of Magneto Development Services

           Magento bestows plenty of options to the developers to establish customized ecommerce websites for the clients with various requirements. It is the unicity of extensions and themes that makes it the best ecommerce platform. It has a bunch of amazing options to stimulate the ecommerce business. It has a multi-store dashboard that can handle all the ecommerce websites in a single panel. Also, with Magento, it is very simple to edit, add and update the product information and other content on the website as it has a user friendly dashboard. Therefore, even the navigation and content linking is very simple. It is also a power stored marketing and promotion system that helps the website proprietor who needs to give an exceptional promotion code or discount to the customers.



      Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP which gives online entrepreneurs an ingenious shopping cart strategy, content and functionality for their estore

        There are no hooks or hook points available in Magento by default. It is a third-party application or site that acts as a hook provider. There are plenty of such software hooks available today.

There are no default hooks in Magento. Instead, it uses we hooks that are provided by a third-party application or website.                They’re known as webhooks since they’re software hooks that function over the web. They can help you avoid the downshift of the central processing sequence and decrease the expenditures related to automation.

        In Magento, routing is the act of delivering data from a URL request to the ethical class for processing. The Route will specify a name for a module that can be used in the URL to locate the module and enforce the controller action.