Email Marketing


Email Marketing

The way you market your brand implies if the business will be successful or not. Marketing is a method used to develop and strengthen peerinence, status, competition, demand and more. Without it, your business is likely to collapse due to depletion of sales. But the real question is, which is the right marketing strategy that suits your business? When you need to convey something about your business or sell your stuff, email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques. It is one of the most effective methods that helps you engage with your audience to facilitate your brand and boost sales. You can achieve a lot of aspects with emails, like sell commodities, share some information, enhance your cart abandonment rate or tell a story. Email marketing services are enlarging with modern aisles and top-notch marketing technologies. With Zenerom, you can easily find the best email templates for any message, whether you’re notifying customers of a sale or welcoming new subscribers. We experiment and rate the best methodologies to help you discover the perfect solution.


What purpose do email headers serve

Providing Information about Sender and receiver

Every communication comprises two key elements: the sender and the receiver. An email header informs who sent the email and where it has reached. It is marked to imply this data, with the label ‘From’-sender’s name and email address, ‘To’-the recipient’s name and email address.  E-mail headers provide data on where the message was generated and what halts it created before reaching its final destination. All of these labels are necessary indicators for evaluation purposes. These are usually found in the bottom of the headers as they are the first to be added.

Preventing spam

The header comprises various data fields that help email service providers (ESPs) identify an email. ESPs evaluate the header data to deduce the email’s legitimacy and whether it should be transmitted to the recipient. Which means the information displayed in the email header aids them troubleshoot possible spam cases. These strategies safeguard your mail account and personal data from phishing invasions and spam emails.

Identifying the email route

When a person sends an email, it emanates in a sending server and moves through various Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs). But, this header information can assist the recipient track the email route and permit them to scan all the mail transfer agents before reaching its destination. And when this passes through an MTA, it’s instinctively stamped by the server with header lines. This is helpful when you’re attempting to view message source details and physically track down the bottom of vicious emails. If you widen the email header, you can collect the sender’s IP address to track the message source further.

“Received:” lines

They reveal the address of the device that received the email, as well as other devices addresses that an email may have been transmitted through.


Message-IDs have a distinct format that is developed for a particular email address and message, for preventing two messages having the same Message-ID.

DKIM Signatures

DKIM is the technology that assists to curtail phishing and spam and permits businesses to vouch for their email messages. It verifies the sender’s authenticity by comparing the domain name with the email.

How to Choose the Right Email Service for Your Business

When you’re searching for an Email Marketing company, you must pick one that keeps up on top of trends. Social media is always transforming and advancing. Therefore, marketing companies must keep up on top of these changes to provide favorable services. If you like to have a powerful campaign, you must use strategies that will work depending on your audience’s behavior. A good email marketing company will know how to establish a campaign that functions accordingly. It must have plenty of experience in running email marketing campaigns while constantly unfolding and enhancing their skills. This guarantees that you’ll get the most competent team to operate your campaign. As you research different email marketing companies, the next thing that you have to look for is transparent reporting. Transparent reporting denotes that it will hold you in the loop of your campaign’s progress. They will inform you about your campaign’s progress and campaign’s successes and areas of improvement. You will be able to reach them with any comments, questions or concerns. These aspects are mandatory for your business if you want to drive the best results.