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Instagram advertising is regarded as the modern way of digital marketing. It helps the entrepreneurs immediately reach their target audience more easily. There are a number of social media marketing platforms that can be decided on to run ads for promotion. However Instagram advertising proceeds to be the best one among them as they are most affordable and hyper-targeted. Entrepreneurs can use targeting options like location, demographics, lookalike audiences and more to present their advertisements to their consumers. It has the highest social activity, which suggests an easy way to sell products to an audience of about 300 million active users. These ads can thus help in generating more leads to your website and boost sales.  

At Zenerom, our instagram marketing service experts can help you formulate an Instagram advertising strategy that will bestow a robust perimeter. We will also deliver you lasting support in this instagram advertising voyage.

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Types of Instagram Advertisement

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Image Ads

Photo ads usually encompass a single picture which is ideal for boosting brand awareness and encouraging users to purchase. It is regarded as the basic and simplest form of instagram ads.It must be obvious enough to convince and persuade people. For this, you can use both square and landscape pictures.

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Explore Ads

Explore ads procure entrepreneurs with an opportunity to directly reach users who care for new means to immerse with their interests. This ads are placed under Instagram’s Explore tabs. These instagram ads only emerge after a user clicks on an Explore photo or video. Hence, this can increase their odds of a conversion.

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Video Ads

A video ad is a short clip that is used to facilitate a brand, product, or service which encompasses a link to your website or some data that encourages your consumers to invest in your brand. Also, they are illustrated by a tiny white video graphic in the top right corner of the post. These instagram ads can be up to 60 sec long and can be either a square or landscape form.

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Collection Ads

With collection ads, one presents their brand and numerous commodities in Instagram Feeds and Stories. When a user clicks on this, they could see a full-screen landing page that encourages them to browse and purchase the products. These instagram ads can also help the entrepreneurs identify their objectives and will facilitate an immersing visual content campaign.

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Stories ads

Entrepreneurs can create such stories to announce flash sales, demonstrate product’s usage and share stories in a series of photos and videos. With this layout one can track which format is enacted adequately and use that to propel the rest of the digital advertising undertakings.

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Carosuel Ads

Carousel ads concentrate on offering several photos in a single post that allow users to scroll through all at once. These instagram ads is particularly helpful for businesses that advertise multiple products or attempting to demonstrate multiple uses of a single product.

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Instagram Ads Management

An excellent and well-planned instagram advertising strategy is essential for generating new leads and boosting the sales. This is particularly important if you are just a beginner in this platform. This can help one slate Instagram posts to promote brands, commodities or services. Our instagram marketing experts can assist you in formulating a strategy that matches with your brand’s objectives and facilitate your page based on the data navigated research.

Animated Video And Podcast

Animated videos and podcasts have the capacity to promptly catapult scrutiny towards the brand, as only a few people are doing this. They are great at enticing users and convincing them to follow the provided link and make the purchase. Our instagram advertising team can help you with developing such a short and effective series of animated video ads and podcasts to promote your commodities or service.

Instagram Advertising

With Instagram marketing,one can promote their brand awareness and launch new products in a friendly and factual manner. However, this requires strategic knowledge, creativity and the time to enforce both and monitor the progress. At Zenerom, our instagram advertising team will assist you in designing Instagram ads that generate traffic and boost sales. We can help you with monitoring updates, changes in algorithms and much more.

Video Shoots For Events

Producing a captivating Instagram marketing video is one of the best Instagram advertising strategies. There are a number of content one can use to promote their e-commerce. This includes subjects like product tutorial videos, product show and tell videos, brand storytelling, behind-the-scenes videos, time-sensitive offer videos, live videos and special announcement videos.

Interactive Campaigns

Instagram Advertising is the right platform to promote any business, find customers, and engage with audiences. However, one must lay an auxiliary step for the prosperity of their product and brand. This is where an Instagram ads campaign can show the magic. This can help one in  achieving a huge success rate.Being an instagram marketing agency, Zenerom will carry out the advertising campaigns to drive more sales and constantly review and analyze its performance.

Post Content And Designs

A powerful content and design is the keystone for digital marketing success. One should create and disclose content that matches with the business strategy and their target consumers. Our instagram ads management experts can design and present the most interesting and unique content before our clients. We can also assist you in creating a page that captivates more followers.


Why Zenerom For Instagram

Why Instagram Advertising from Zenerom?

At Zenerom, our instagram advertising team is committed to helping our clients heighten their businesses. We will help you to fulfill your objectives, increase brand awareness, boost product sales and generate more leads through instagram platform. 

There are numerous aspects that distinguish our agency from other digital marketing companies in our industry. We have experience with different social media platforms.Among them,instagram is a booming social media platform for advertising and marketing purposes. Some advantages of Instagram advertising are increased reach, targeted advertising, cost-effectiveness, increased engagement, and measurable outcomes 

Our instagram marketing agency provides valuable data and insights that can assist advertisers in understanding how their instagram ads are performing and how they can improve their campaigns.We also assist you in optimizing your Instagram campaigns by subdividing and keeping you up to date on the campaign’s betterment and impact on your business from day one. Instagram advertising cost is also affordable.


Instagram advertising is a way for businesses and individuals to promote their products or services on the Instagram. It is a marketing strategy used to generate leads, facilitate brand awareness, promote products & services across the digital platform.

Businesses can use Instagram ads in a variety of ways to reach their intended audience. These are some:

  1. Photo ad: Instagram ads are most commonly photo ads. They can have a caption, a call to action, or other interactive elements on a single image.
  2. Video Ads: Instagram’s video ads can have sound and last up to 60 seconds. They can be used to show off products, tell a story about a brand, or emphasize a specific message.
  3. Carousel Ads: Businesses can use carousel ads to show multiple images or videos in one ad that users can swipe through. Ads of this kind are great for showing off different products or features of one product.
  4. Story ad: Instagram Story ads are full-screen vertical advertisements that appear between users’ Stories. They are ideal for quickly grabbing users’ attention and can include images, videos, or animations.
  5. Check out ads: Explore ads are targeted based on user interests and appear in the Explore tab of the Instagram app. They are the best way to reach users who are always looking for new content.

Businesses can use a variety of ad formats on Instagram to reach their target audience in a way that is visually appealing and engaging.

Instagram social media marketing can offer a number of advantages to businesses, including:

  1. Lift your brand recognition: Instagram is a powerful platform for expanding brand awareness and reaching a large audience.
  2. Specialized Advertising: Businesses can target their ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors through Instagram’s advertising platform
  3. Content with images: Instagram is a platform with a lot of visuals, so businesses can use photos and videos to show off their products or services in a way that people will want to buy them.
  4. Content created by users: Businesses can use Instagram to encourage user-generated content to build social proof and trust with potential customers.
  5. Marketing with influencers: On Instagram, many businesses use influencer marketing to reach new customers and boost their brand’s credibility.
  6. Communicating directly with customers: Instagram gives businesses a direct way to communicate with customers and respond immediately to questions and comments.
  7. Insights and metrics: Businesses can use Instagram’s in-depth metrics and insights to evaluate the efficacy of their marketing campaigns and make decisions based on data.

The business objectives, target audience, competition, and the specific marketing strategies and tactics utilized all play a role in determining the cost-effectiveness of Instagram marketing services or Instagram advertising.

Businesses can target their Instagram ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI). In general, Instagram advertising can be cost-effective. However, the competition for ad space, the targeting options chosen, and the bidding strategy employed can all have a significant impact on how much advertising on Instagram costs.

In the end, the cost-effectiveness of Instagram marketing services or advertising will depend on a number of factors.