What Is Google My Business?

Google Get Your Business Online was started in 2011. It aims to increase the web presence of small businesses. This can provide free advice on search engine optimization. This can also help business owners to update their information on Google for free. This helps business owners to help their online presence across the search engine and also helps you to promote your business to get higher reach in the search engine.

How Does Google My Business Work

It allows you to claim your business here. This is how when customers search for a product, then our business appears first in the search results. Here we can list various services provided by the business owners and can also add a faq section, various photos, and also can create a section where customers can add reviews. We can also add various innovative attributes in order to attract customers.

Purpose of Google My Business

According to Digital Market Share, a higher percentage of searches happen on search engines rather than that of contacting directly in the business.

How to Setup Google My Business?

  • To go to the Google my business site
  • To find your business or create a new listing
  • To set up the name
  • To choose a category
  • To add your contact details
  • To finish and hence verify the listing

5 Ways to Verify Your Business on Google My Business

  • Verify by mail (postcard)
  • verify by phone
  • Verify by email
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification

1.    Verify Google My Business By Mail

Verification will be done through a postcard in some cases. While logging into your, Google business profile check your business address is given correct and click mail.

2.    Verify Google My Business by phone

Sometimes verifications are done through mobile phones. The correct number should be given.

3.    Verify By Email

It allows businesses to verify via email. If this applies to you, you can see a Verify by email option. Make sure that the email address given is correct and you’ll be sent a link to verify it.

4.   GMB Instant Verification

Signing in to Google My Business with the account you used to verify your business with Search Console is very simple.

5.   GMB Bulk Verification

If you have operated over 10 locations for the same business, you will be eligible to use bulk verification. Submit the form. This can take up to a week to get this processed.

Do’s and Dont’s to be Noted in Google My Business


The information you provide is one of the important things. It is the first point of contact with your client when starting a business, and people are looking for a variety of information.


Do not list outdated information. If we search for a location on to find some information and I find the phone number, but it’s either out of order or nobody ever answers it, this should not happen.


This not only gives your brand a more professional appearance, but it also allows you to choose what you want customers to search for, see, and get, as well as have your business listed at the top of the search engine

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